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Product discovery network

inspired by AI

Native advertising network for online retailers
which displays the best product offers on the right websites.
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Our main advantages

AI targeting

We use machine learning algorithms to show your ads to those people and on those websites which convert best.

Transparent pricing

You pay only for unique clicks you get. You set the maximum cost per click which starts at just $0.05.

Flexible targeting

A variety of targeting options on top of our machine learning automatic targeting, including geo, time, site categories, and site black lists.

ROI control

Automatic conversion tracking with our conversion pixel. See for yourself which sites convert best and leave only the top performing sites!

How the ads look

Our ad block consists of several product ads. Each product ad consists of a product picture and text. The look and feel of the block itself are determined by the website owners where this particular block is placed.

Advertisers upload a product picture and provide a text for each ad. We moderate every ad manually.

Requirements for advertisers


This network is for online retailers only. You must sell products online to advertise.


The following product categories are prohibited: adult, medicine, drugs, alcohol. The list is not all-inclusive and we may reject ads in some other categories.


We moderate every ad manually. Please compose your ads first and once approved, make the payment.


Main benefits for publishers

Ads of the highest quality

We moderate every ad manually which guarantees the highest quality ads. Our AI algorithms select the most relevant ads for each website.

Ad filtering

You can filter out ad categories, single ads or censor levels. All that guarantees that you will have only relevant ads on your website.

Flexible settings

Full control over the look and feel of the ads on your website and other detailed settings.

High profit

You will have the most relevant ads on your website, meaning you’ll get high CTRs which guarantees high profits. Automatic payouts once a week (a 15 day hold for the first payout).

How the ads look

You have full control over the look and feel: colors, borders, background, and fonts.

Each ad block contains several products with a picture and short text. We moderate every ad manually, which is a guarantee of their quality.

Requirements for publishers


At least 200 unique visitors daily.


Quality content. Not overloaded with ads. No popunders/clickunders.


No bots. Once bot activity is detected, the website is blocked automatically and the money is frozen.


Referral program

Earn with us by referring users to our network.

We pay our partners 5% of referred publishers' earnings
and 5% of referred advertisers' spend

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