How much does it cost?
You pay only for unique clicks to your website. You set the click price. The actual click price is always equal to or less than the click price cap you set. The click price also depends on the CTR of your ads. The higher the CTR, the lower the click price.
How many clicks can I get daily?
The daily number of clicks depends on the click price you set and the CTR of your ads. The higher the price and CTR, the more clicks you get. Also, you can limit the number of clicks when setting your budgets.
How can I improve conversions?
First, the ad content must be relevant to the product you sell. Our platform always places your ads on the most relevant websites. It does this automatically with the help of AI algorithms. But you can also use manual targeting options to improve conversions, like geo and time targeting and black and white site lists to leave adverte only on top-performing websites.
Why was my ad rejected?
We have an ad policy in place. You can read more here: Policies
Do you have protection from bots?
Yes, we have a sophisticated anti-fraud system that automatically prevents bots from clicking your ads. Once the system detects bot activity, this website is blocked and the money is returned to the affected advertisers.
How to pay?
You can pay with Visa/Mastercard and PayPal. The money is sent to your account right after payment.
Can I request a refund?
Yes, you can always refund the money remaining on your balance. To do that, please contact our support team.


How much will I get?
Your profit depends on click prices and CTRs. Place your ad blocks in visible areas of your website to improve CTRs. Fraudulent activity and the use of clickbait is prohibited.
How often will I get payouts
We do payouts every week with PayPal. New publishers will get their first payout after 15 days since they started making money.
How will the ads look?
You can set the look and feel of your ads, including the block size, number of ads in the block, as well as all the colors and fonts.
Can I filter out some ads?
Yes, you can filter out ad categories or single ads. Also, you can filter according to censor levels (low, moderate, high) which are determined by our moderators manually. But you should know that the more filters you set, the less you will earn.