We have policies for advertisers and publishers

Ad policies

1. Ads must not violate the laws of the countries they are targeted to.
2. Ads in the following categories are prohibited: adult, medicine, drugs, alcohol, weapons. The list is not exhaustive.
3. Ads must not contain excessive punctuation and/or use of capital letters in the text.
4. Ads must be free of spelling and/or grammatical errors in the text.
5. Ad content must be relevant to the category.
6. Ads must be relevant to the product they advertise.

The list is not all-inclusive and can be updated without notice. Any ad can be rejected by the moderators without explanation.

Publisher policies

Requirements for websites

1. At least 200 unique daily visitors.
2. Quality content not violating the laws of the countries of operation.

Prohibited websites

1. Those with malware.
2. Those overloaded with ads.
3. Those with questionable traffic sources.

Prohibited actions

1. Fraudulent activity and clickbait of any kind.
2. Changing ad content (pictures, text, links, etc.)

If any of the above-mentioned is detected, the website can be blocked and the money earned can be returned to the advertisers.